[Projector] Minolta P-Rokkor 75mm F2.5 Review – Soap Bubble Bokeh, slide projector mini35

Hello, my name is hiron. I am a vintage lens addict. (Twitter / Youtube)

This time I review the projector lens Minolta P-Rokkor 75mm F2.5.

I found this lens while researching online photo samples from projector lenses. Certainly in flickr.

Soap Bubble Bokeh Lens Pentacon AV (Diaplan) is famous as an alternative lens of Torioplan, but I learned that this Minolta P-Rokkor 75mm F2.5 is also a lens that creates Soap Bubble Bokeh.

Minolta P-Rokkor is a lens for slide projector Minolta Mini35

I found out that the Minolta P-Rokkor 75mm F2.5 is a lens for the Slide projector Minolta Mini35.

Luckily I live in Japan, so I am in an environment where I can easily get the products of the Japanese optical manufacturer Minolta.

So I was able to find this lens not in ebay but in the Japanese flea market smartphone app.

The price is about US $ 10. I got it very cheaply.

How to install Minolta P-Rokkor 75mm F2.5 on the camera?

Since Minolta P-Rokkor 75mm F2.5 is a projector lens, I have to think about how to install it on the camera as usual.

The basic method is to install it on the M52-M42 helicoid adapter. This lens could be installed on a helicoid adapter using a 52mm-43mm step down ring.

The inside of the step down ring is scraped a little. It is fixed to the ring with a rubber band from behind without being bonded.

Parts used for camera mount installation

  • 52mm-43mm step down ring
  • M52-M42 helicoid adapter

And when using many projector lenses as camera lenses, a mirrorless camera was necessary, but this Minolta P-Rokkor 75mm F2.5 has a long flange back length, so it could be used with a digital SLR camera.

Photo Samples with Minolta P-Rokkor 75mm F2.5 attached to SLR PENTAX K-7

On the holiday of May 2018, I attached this Minolta P-Rokkor 75mm F2.5 to SLR PENTAX K-7 and went to Asakusa for photography.

Asakusa is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo, Japan. Some of you may have heard of “Kaminarimon” at Sensoji Temple.

Asakusa location


This is Nakamise Street, a street where souvenir shops gathered past Kaminarimon.

The created Soap Bubble Bokeh looked a little different from Pentacon AV. It looks like the core remains in the small Soap Bubble in the picture.

The focus is slightly blurred.

The outline of Soap Bubble created by this lens is clear.

I can see that macro photography with this lens is not so bad.

However, this lens is not suitable for landscape photography. The whole picture was blurred.

You might think that this lens is for soft focus.

Projector lens Minolta P-Rokkor 75mm F2.5 Review Summary

This time, I reviewed Projector lens Minolta P-Rokkor 75mm F2.5.

This lens is a lens that creates Soap Bubble Bokeh that I looked for by looking at a sample of photos online. This was a lens for the slide projector Minolta Mini35.

The outline of the Soap Bubble Bokeh was very clear. On the other hand, the focus part of the photo is a little blurry, so it can be said that it is difficult to use it for landscape photography.

I highly recommend using this lens for artistic photographic expression.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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