[Projector] Diaplan (Pentacon AV) 100mm F3.5 Review – Strangely shaped Soap Bubble Bokeh lens

Hello, my name is hiron. I am a vintage lens addict. (Twitter / Youtube)

This time I review Meyer Optik Diaplan (Pentacon AV) 100mm F3.5.

This lens is a projector lens, the focal length difference of Pentacon AV 80mm F2.8 introduced last time.

It’s a strange shape, but I bought this to try it out. How did you attach this lens to the camera? Lol

Soap Bubble Bokeh lens Diaplan (Pentacon AV) 100mm F3.5

Meyer Optik Diaplan (Pentacon AV) 100mm F3.5 has the same lens configuration as Trioplan of Soap Bubble Bokeh lens.

Therefore, if you take a picture with this lens, you can take a picture of Soap Bubble Bokeh.

A popular Trioplan is Trioplan 100mm F2.8.

I bought this Meyer Optik Diaplan (Pentacon AV) 100mm F3.5 because it is close to the lens.

However, I was troubled how to attach this to the camera body.

How do you attach this strange shaped projector lens to the camera?

I wanted to use this strange lens barrel shaped like the elephant’s nose for my camera.

I purchased the following parts to install the mount on this lens.

  • 52mm-77mm step up ring
  • 42mm-52mm step up ring

In this way, a pseudo M42 mount was installed on this projector lens.

It was a little hard to install this modified lens on the M42 mount adapter. However, the installation was successful.

I was able to shoot at infinity with this modified lens.

Select a mount adapter (to use Pentacon AV 10mm F3.5 with a digital camera)

This Meyer Optik Diaplan (Pentacon AV) 100mm F3.5 has been modified to an M42 mount lens.

If you want to use M42 mount lens with PENTAX digital SLR, you need a mount adapter called M42-PK. It is a thin adapter.

If you use this lens with a SONY mirrorless camera, you will need a mount adapter called PK-NEX.

Use a mount adapter suitable for your digital camera.

Soap Bubble Bokeh photo samples by Diaplan (Pentacon AV) 100mm F3.5

I used this Diaplan (Pentacon AV) 100mm F3.5 to shoot in the neighborhood. The camera body used SLR PNETAX K-7.

As you can see in the picture above, this is a very strangely shaped lens.

When I saw this camera, my friend laughed. Lol

This lens certainly created Soap Bubble Bokeh.

Do you know this? This is a bonsai.

This lens is also beautifully created for ordinary bokeh.

When taking a landscape photograph with this lens, it was possible to shoot without being softer than a photograph by Pentacon AV 80mm F2.8.

Komazawa Park location


This is Komazawa Park. This is a park suitable for a wide range of sports, with sports competitions and joggers.

A lot of Soap Bubble Bokeh was created when the sunbeams were taken as a subject.

A lot of Soap Bubble Bokeh was created when the sunbeams were taken as a subject.

I took a picture against the back of a car headlight and I was able to take a picture of the beautiful Soap Bubble Bokeh created.

I was told by the Starbucks staff that I visited, “Is that a special lens? I have never seen such a camera lens.”

I was in trouble.

Pentacon AV 80mm F2.8 Review Summary

This time, I reviewed Diaplan (Pentacon AV) 100mm F3.5.

This is a lens that can shoot Soap Bubble Bokeh photos that will become Trioplan’s alternative lens. But it has a very strange shape. I like this strange shape

Thank you for reading to the end.

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