[M42] Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 Review – Trioplan alternative “Soap Bubble Bokeh” ?

Hello, my name is hiron. I am a vintage lens addict. (Twitter / Youtube)

This time, I will review Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8.

The most popular Super-Takumar series lens is Super-Takumar 55mm F1.8. The lens is introduced in another article.

This Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 was purchased looking for a lens that Soap Bubble Boeh can shoot. Will it be an alternative to trioplan?

Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 is an alternative to Trioplan?

by Super Takumar 105mm F2.8

I found out that “Bubble Bokeh” photos are popular.

In particular, in 2017, when I was enthusiastic about vintage lenses, vintage lenses that could shoot “Soap Bubble Bokeh” were a hot topic.

Meyer Optik Goerlitz Trioplan 100mm F2.8

This lens was so popular that it was distributed at a price exceeding US $ 1,000.

I can’t buy such a high-end vintage lens. I came up with the idea that if I buy a lens with a focal length similar to Trioplan, it will create “Soap Bubble Bokeh”.

And I found Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8.

As a result, I thought that the Super-Takumar 105mm f / 2.8 was a good alternative to torioplan and suitable for taking pictures that create Soap Bubble Bokeh.

Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 (Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 105mm F2.8)

I purchased Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 at a used camera store in Shinjuku. This lens was in the junk corner.

The Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 was released around 1963 as a lens for the SLR PENTAX SV.

The still life photo above is “Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 105mm F2.8”, but the photo samples introduced below were taken with Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8.

I purchased Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 first, but it wasn’t in good condition, so I later replaced it with Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 105mm F2.

Select a mount adapter (to use Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 with a digital camera)

A mount adapter is required to use the vintage lens with current digital cameras. Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 is M42 mount lens.

If you want to use Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 with PENTAX digital SLR, you need a mount adapter called M42-PK. It is a thin adapter.

If you use this lens with a SONY mirrorless camera, you will need a mount adapter called M42-NEX.

I’m introducing the mount adapter installation procedure on YouTube video, so please refer to it.

Use a mount adapter suitable for your digital camera.

Photo sample with Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 attached to PENTAX K-7

Here are some sample photos taken with the Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8.

Shooting at Inogashira Koen (Inokashira Park)

I took this lens to Inogashira Koen (Inokashira Park) and took a picture. SLR PENTAX K-7 was used as the camera body.

This Inokashira Park is close to Kichijoji Station and is a popular place for young people and families in Japan.

Inogashira Koen (Inokashira Park) location


When I took a picture of the sunbeams in the trees, I got a little bit of a picture created by Soap Bubble Bokeh.

Successfully shot Soap Bubble Bokeh

I have learned the tips for creating Soap Bubble Bokeh using this lens.

So I took a picture again in the neighborhood in the evening.

I noticed Soap Bubble Bokeh when shooting with a point light source in the background. The car light was very suitable as the subject of Soap Bubble Bokeh.

Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8 Review Summary

This time, I reviewed Super-Takumar 105mm F2.8.

This lens was a vintage lens I bought because I wanted to shoot Soap Bubble Bokeh. The actual result may have been Bubble Bokeh rather than Soap Bubble Bokeh.

This lens is cheaper than Trioplan, and is compact and easy to carry as a medium telephoto lens. I recommend this lens.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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